Reese Cameron, Vancouver – Canada

Mr. Reese, you got ran outta Alberta for multiple reasons. Was it the beating you took for man handling that girl? Was it from ripping others off with your bunk? Now you escape to Vancouver set up shop again, Surprise Surprise you pop up again. Failing to pay rent, running around trying to get ppl to invest in your over night schemes so you can pretend to live the downtown life style but still be a fake like you always have been. I feel sorry for your new girlfriend that moved out here after a couple dates cause she saw the fake front of you, wait till she sees the drug fueled days you go missing, the ugly girls you cheated on your ex with that you just block and delete and hope that disappear, or banging your best bro’s Gfs, Ask Shawn how your D tasted after you banged Jordan multiple times while they were together that’s how solid you are of a “bro” karma my friend is coming for you very soon so enjoy the lies and lime light while you can. Like the old Saying goes….”Fake it till you make it”

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