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If you have had any dealings with this company. Please check your finances.

9101 E Kenyon Ave Ste 1200
Denver, CO 80237-1854
(303) 459-4919
Summit Association Management and Tricia bock aka Patricia Bonnette


Unprofessional, disorganized, wreckless, disrespectful, unresponsive, and most of all dishonest. This HOA management company is a menace to the neighborhood with their disorganized business practices. They’re rude and defensive when asked questions. My experience is that they have poor communication and documentation of the HOA rules and processes. I run a multi-national award winning fortune 200 training organization and I would not hire anyone from this company as an intern. The lack of professionalism and void where customer service should be is offensive. They make me ashamed to own a home in this community.
I will drive to the next town to get my spirits before going here or I will stop drinking. From my personal experience, this company is not worthy of my hard-earned money. I have experienced a lack of communication on the consumer and corporate levels. I have noticed that there are confidentiality breaches; in a short amount of time, I have noticed personal information shared to leaders will also be shared with others. I have noticed that gossip/ banter is taken for truth and acted upon as fact. I have experience the creation and spread of rumors and understand that they implement actions without trial. I am not sure if it is illegal to inform one co-worker of another co-workers` mental state or employment status but I am certain that this happened here, to me, and it is frowned upon. I am shocked, no appalled, that someone could conduct business in this manner with even minimal success. Now- I do understand that this does not have to do with the products that this business carries but I, personally, would rather have my hard-earned money spent at an establishment with people that are more trustworthy. Especially, since I can get the same exact thing right up the road at McCutters or Johnstown Liquor and have more pride in where I shop. From this experience, I vow to never spend another penny at an establishment who tarnishes reputations and fires hard working individuals’ due to a rumor. I have recordings of the business owner slandering names of employees as well as informing a third party about their co-workers mental well-being to me. This type of behavior indicated to me that this business is unaware of the difference between fact and gossip; wrong and right. Businesses like this should be stopped, and educated or should at the very least, not be supported. Due to these reasons, I have personally vowed to boycott this business until better business models and principles are put in place. This business will attempt to say I am a disgruntled employee attempting to “lash out” but please understand I resigned from my position because I hold myself to a standard higher than what they can produce and I urge you to as well. Please contact me for any proof needed to make an informed decision of boycotting this establishment.

UPDATE: People that are leaving bad reviews are now being banned from the store. This further supports my decision in boycotting this establishment. Opinions are the right of everyone- not to be limited to those with funds.

Horrible business people. Dont support the new owners

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