Connie Gliddon

This slut is from Gravenhurst, On. and has been moving from small town to small town in Northern Alberta picking up any cock and selling her sob story. She’ll convince you she’s a decent gal who works in hospitals or Health Care, she cleans bed pans guys. She left behind her kids, but drags around her youngest so she can fuck up her life too. Her Ex In Ontario paid for her fake tits so she could whore around and pass around her permanent STD. She loves date sites Zoosk, POF, can’t settle down because she loves to fuck em and suck em all. Her pics are deceiving, not so hot, old used up whore. Has a gross pussy lip that hangs down because of the many men, tits still have stitch marks…yuk and a fishy smelling hole that will make you puke. I made a huge mistake fucking this loser who gave me permanent root rot. Keep your zippers up guys you’ll regret this one trust me. Loser, user, expensive lousy fuck with bad ending.

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