Catherine Wilkins USF Medical Humanities and Arts

Hello Miss Catherine Wilkins. This is an open letter.

I am a cancer survivor. I have very close friends that have fought cancer. My family members have died of cancer.

Miss Catherine Wilkins, I have read how you lied concerning being the caretaker of someone fighting cancer.

40% of all people will contract a form of cancer. 20% of us… 1 in 5 will die.

I have seen pictures of how you pretended to shave your head. I just cannot believe you behaved in such a way to a person that was struggling just to live. This is simply the most wrong thing I’ve ever seen.

Catherine Wilkins, many loving family and truest friends have shaved their own heads for real to let the cancer sufferer know they are not alone. To motivate their dearest one to pull through what is the worst trial of life.

Why did you pretend?

Cancer is nothing small. Do not play with it, Catherine Josephine Wilkins, please.

Cancer is not a game.

Miss Wilkins, do you understand the inner pain of viewing in the mirror and witnessing all of your own hair fall out due to chemotherapy treatments?

I just cannot fathom how you can **pretend** to shave your head?

I saw photos of the “thing” you made. The best word for it is “thing” because it is disgusting.

I do not understand the amount of time it took you to plan and then create this “thing”?

This is one the most disgusting actions I have ever heard of.

Do you know the pain a family member feels witnessing their dear one suffer so much?

Half of us… One in two people will develop a cancer.

My mother died from cancer recently. I survived cancer. Nothing is more traumatic.

Do you know the pain a family member or spouse feels witnessing the person they love cry from the agonies of nausea?

Cry from the agony of not knowing if they will live or die?

Obviously, you do not.

Then I read how you tried to take money from charities with your untrue cancer schemes.

This is THE absolute most despised action anyone can do when it comes to cancer.

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