Daina Licastri, Tulsa – Oklahoma

Be careful who you trust for this woman she will move you in and then change the locks and kick you out and claim that you abandon your stuff she has larceny charges for theft she played people for her own good. She moved a friend of mine in that furnished the whole place. My friend would stay with her boyfriend and while she was gone Daina allowed people to sleep in my friends room. She claims she wants to be civil but wont let my friend get her things. My friend has lost all her things clothes electronics couch all her memorabilias that is left of her grandparents and her kids she is a low life piece of sht. She claims she was in the army but yet she is being a psychotic bitch. One day she was fine and then she snapped. She is bipolar. She went through several guys before using my friends best friend and turned them against each other. She even put a HUGE wedge between my friend and her dad that just got of prison of 20 years. She tries to act all innocent when she is nothing but habitual liar bipolar skitso nut case. I watched her take full attention and acted like a slut on my friends birthday. Do not trust her on anything. She even lied on my friends move in papers so she could live there. She acts like she cares but she doesn’t. She has a 5 year old she cant even control. She doesn’t deserve to be a mom.

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