Cheater/Narcissist Amber Keller (Fry) (Kordula!

Amber M. Fry, Amber M. Kordula. Was cheating on me for the 3 1/2 years we were together, I fathered her kids and they were not mine but I loved them like they were. I was recently at 19 head count of different guys and then while in the local restaurant the other day the waitress nicely informed me about 3 more and the guys were all married. Amber is at the worst stage you can be at as a Narcissist. She can fool you with a clean home, great s*x, and make you feel like you are her soul mate. I’ve never in my 40 years of life ever encountered someone like that. Terrible mother, her kids begged her not to screw up the relationship and marriage like she had in the past. She would use kids urine to pass her drug test as a nurse.
She stole prescription medication from One of her previous employer’s and I ratted her out right after the girl she works with did and her best friend ran the place so they allowed her to quit instead of firing her and her losing her license

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