Peggy Deringer

This piece of filth Peggy, should be named Piggy. She’s a trucker fuker, her old snatch is so loose, and she can’t suk pecker. Old shriveled up skinny slore with the ugliest fake tits you’ll ever lay your eyes on, breath like an old ashtray. I couldn’t even kiss this gross pig. Works selling chrome for semi trucks, in Calgary, LOL calls herself a manager, oh she manages alright, manages every trucker pecker she can get her hands or mouth on, married or not. she will spread them quick. Must have run out of truckers in Calgary to fuk, because she had no issues driving an entire day to get fuked, next time have the lube handy piggy so you don’t have to kill the moment running out to get it. She doctors her pictures on the date sites, but this is the real deal on here. So keep this ugly mutt in the dark. Make sure your drunk out of your tree, like I was because when you wake up to this you will (puke). Found out too late, she uses lube to hide her DRD infested, stinking smelling snatch. Had no issues giving me genital Herpes Drds. Hey Piggy Peggy, did you know passing on a permanent DRD is illegal? She trolls Zoosk, Tag, POF, Tinder and many other date sites and has been on them for years, more than a decade….what does that say? (desperate) can’t keep a decent man, she’s too fuking drd, old skinny and ugggggggly, here piggy piggy pigggy. Trust me waking up to this, and the permanent gfit she will give will be worse than getting Covid. Good luck you slore, you will get yours……..

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