for your own safety:
make sure you image search and google this man !
boopee pof

his favourite line at present is …Dont believe everything you read or hear !
he knows what he did and what he really is.
Currently on the lookout for thai, russian, polish women. Who are unaware of whom he really is !!
also targets nurses !!
oh, and not forgetting widows with property and money !!

and if he hasn’t managed to hook someone on here or the vast number of other sites he is on.
You will find him shacked up with the kids mother !

he is infamous as a prolific liar
two faced, insincere manipulator, and very deceitful

be sensible ladies and do your research !

trial date feb 2020. The truth will be heard !
evidence is damning !

trust and loyalty , this thing has none what so ever !

if you cant help yourself, protect yourself (in more ways than one ! ) , especially if you end up in his bed.
He is prolific at sleeping around without protection.

When you catch him lying and cheating and he turns on you for confronting him .

Google him, trial date set feb 2020 !

be careful ladies and do your research and checks on this one !
he likes to think he is a clever charmer, he has a long history of cheating, lying, and scamming women out of their money !

he was playing at least 5 women on here from derry and surrounding areas, he got caught out as news travels fast. The nurses from the main hospital in derry talk ! . And it soon became obvious he was playing a few of them at the same time.
This also happened with his other profile on pof, he calls himself clever360.
He lied and cheated with many women with that profile also !

google noel devine letterkenny
he likes to reel you in to believing he has money. He hasn’t and will spend yours over time !

do not let this man persuade you or encourage you to take out any credit agreements or loans in your name.

He owes money everywhere, everything he owns or says he owns is in receiver-ship and he has endless court cases regarding this and other matters.

His last lot of young children have been brought up on welfare benefits since they were born.
Free house, free everything. Just another of his scams.
He has to sign on every week at the local garda station as he is awaiting the trial date for serious offences regarding one of his victims. All of this can be clarified if you do your checks.
2 Years of very damning screenshots and texts sent to this man by a certain someone proves who is lying and who is not !!!!

the full truth will be revealed regarding this man, his trial date in letterkenny court is feb 2020. All details of what this man is, what he has done, and his dark secrets will all come out, the truth always reveals itself !

he is desperate at the moment, thus playing many women on many dating and adult sites, screen shots from various women to prove this fact !

he has a hidden phone, which he keeps in the sheds. Whilst milking he will be online setting up to meet women, while his latest un-suspecting victim is up at the unfinished house with dark grey door thinking he is a honest man.

This lying cheating thing has no guilt what so ever about all the women he has ripped off and lied to !

this man is an accomplished liar, he has been at this game for many years, cheating on his wife (now ex) with a member of the family, cheating on the mothers of his children while they were pregnant.

He will tell you “dont believe everything you hear” and make out he is a victim, he clearly is not !

watch this space very carefully and letterkenny news, the truth about this man will soon be revealed.

Noel devine pof profile is : boopee male 49 letterkenny.

The idea of scruples has to do with ethics and morality: what is right and wrong.
If you had no scruples at all, you’d just lie, steal, cheat, and do god knows what else. !
Boopee has no scruples what so ever !!

the man is not what he says he is ! lots of hidden dark secrets and lies !

this man has done unspeakable things that can be proved…….. Be so very careful….. He will target your mums, daughters, sisters, nieces, aunties, cousins ,in fact any female that he can get for the night . Never wears protection and is prolific at sleeping around !!!

people would be horrified to discover what he thinks is appropriate in front of younger members of a family !!
not suitable or proper in the circumstances !!

he has many hidden profiles on lots of dating sites and adult hook up sites !
likes to target nurses,
russian and polish women, widows etc.

Google noel devine letterkenny

boopee pof letterkenny

in a town near you very soon if you fall for his stories, those stories & lies, are very well rehearsed !!

but hey time will tell !!!!!!
court cases and the press will reveal truth !

google and image search boopee alias for noel devine letterkenny. Owes money to everybody, women, men, banks, loans, hp, scammer.

Or check with local garda !!!
drives a black land rover discovery with 120,000 miles on the clock, reg: df65 nb* { likes to give the impression he has money, but banks and receivers owe everything}
just do your checks ladies !!!

what do you own
how much money do you have in the bank
have you any property
because he will take it all

nurses with property, telling lies and stories that do not add up, other sneaky hidden mobiles, being creepy and sleazy, telling you he will pay you back but never does, other peoples money and property, scamming people, lies and more lies, women, dating sites, adult sites, hook-ups, telling stories and lies

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