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Public Notice: Hello, I wanted to let all consumers know that Cerma Organic International the makers of Cermax branded products, Has had our products and name taken by Cerma technology, inc. of Staceyville IA and that any products you see on their site is stolen technology and most likely not the same product that they are saying it is in their testimonials section. Cerma Organic has a patent pending on the product Cermax, and trademarks for the Cermax, cerma, stm-3 logos used by this web site cermatechnology.com although they do not have rights to use or sell any of the above products. I have worked for 8 years and spent well over 1.6 mil dallors proving the products we make , just to have some person steal it ? Then to proceed to tell people that I am the crook.. My advise to anyone starting a business ! Don’t trust anyone!! this company was an authorized dealer for my products until the USPTO (patent office) published my patent once this guy read the patent he decided he could make the same product and did not need to deal with me? Thanks Patent procedures, I did everything by the book and look what it gets me… know I am faced with a $100.000.00 lawsuit to protect what I thought I had already protected, What a system we have for inventors today. Be careful when dealing with such web sites as you may get more than you bargained for in the way of bad products not legally produced, and not what was tested, reported on data sheets, and definitely not insured if it hurts your equipment. Cermax branded products are legally produced and offered by Cermastore.com No need to take a chance on knock offs, buy products that are legal. Their are no shortcuts to quality… Gotripped whitewright, TexasU.S.A.

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