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Wow! Where do I start? My credit wasn’t the greatest, So I had no choice but to go with a company that assured me I would get a reliable vehicle and easy financing. That was a load of crap! #1 I needed to have a home land line phone # – or they will take the truck! #2 They stored information related to my checking account and a friends account that made a courtesy payment for me once! They deny all of this of course! #3 I am not allowed to move out of state without their permission, correction I can move I just can’t take the truck? Even if my payments are up to date. They say they will help improve your credit “but” they only report to one bureau 1? Thus for the reason for the high intrest rate? They will release any information to anyone who claims to be an attorney via fax! Yes via fax! A supposed supeona? When I ask for a copy of such item. I was told no! No reason just no! So to sum it all up! You can buy a vehicle here! They will finace you. You must stay where they can find you. Answer when they call you. Even if your payments are up to date. If you do fall behind they are flexible though! up to 16 days. The finace girls that call are friendly and will listen. They will write everything down that you say. word for word. They do their job well though. They only report to one credit reporting agency! You may not move out of state without their consent! ( you may move but they need to approve you taking the vehicle that you are paying for) If you violate that I have been told by Sam or Sal the finance manager he will pull your vehicle. He won’t say it to your face though. only over the phone. What does that tell you? Yes1 They store your Checking and Savings information incase you default or they decide to repo your vehicle. Is this legal? Can I see my records and notes about me and my loan? What’s an extra $500.00 for my own attorney to supeona this information? What’s an extra $500.00 to obtain a cease and desist order? Not much. When you purchase a $4000.00 vehicle that after finacing comes to around $27,000.00 Your vehicle will have no warranty! As is only! My check engine light is still on and has been since the day I bought the vehicle. They promissed to fix the problem behind the light, but never did. I was the chump that signed the contract though…All I can do now is keep paying and hope they don’t take my vehicle depending on Sam or Sals mood or the time of the month! Or if he ever gets out of that meeting. Still waiting for my repair. I will update this report if the vehicle ever gets repaired properly. Oh…As well they claim to have a GPS in every vehicle that they sell. If you remove it they come and take the vehicle. Charlie Glendale, ArizonaU.S.A.

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