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Hello,This my experience working with Baer Brakes Inc. Baer is in TROUBLE. I worked there for some time and I am a machinist. They have no other machinists employed. They complete their mission by making articles that don’t match specifications nor prints. They are a company that has all interests in one company (Shelby) and deviate from all real specifications. You would think being a BRAKE company they would be worried that their products would fail being there is no quality control. NO NO NO its not like that at all. It’s about Shelby sending a check. As I speak their great Mazak equipment fails almost every day because of no maintenance. They hire people that will not say no to their home grown leader and as you can see on his photos with the mustang bullshit is a arrogant a*s that has worn too many hats that (makes their cracked, f***ed up pistons) have infected the whole company. Hal Baer is a no nonsense guy that has a hard time talking to his wife let alone his employees. His own home grown engineer left because he was confounded in the way the company is ran. As each day moves along the company and it’s people walk and work pretty much blind. This is a run fast as you can until we brake down (lol) situation. BHI is a company that UN-complements the original company Baer Brakes Racing. This company will continually continue to take the cheapest route for machining and assembly. Example: They use the cheapest vendor for important connections to their already less than perfect billet aluminum 6S system. Only until recently did they change their vendor because their customer complained. WOW. This is your flagship product and you use inferior hardware and sell it. No shame. No attention has been paid to employee credentials or experience. I am only looking out for honest people who want a good product at a fair price. You are NOT getting it at Baer Brakes. Soft engineering (A boy who doesn’t know s**t) and the trust of an owner who doesn’t understand that, is whats at stake. Safety is at stake. I am not a whistle blower. I am a concerned citizen and while the company continues to blow out inferior product for high gains, someone needs to make the point that Hal Baer and his troubled company are the undeniable cause. His Sales dept. tries to sell inferior equipment everyday but the average customer knows better and moves on. Some day this diary will be read and people will understand this was a word for the wise. I give all the credit in the world for the owner and his initial aspirations but it seems that it has changed and will be a horrible vice for the competition especially when the truth comes out after a death. Don’t trust this company or it’s claims. While it IS true that Baer Brakes was a reputable company in the past, the urge and insationable push with a less than form able production manager has caused genocide within the company it self. The employees are disagreeable and are always alert to the possible end to a lucrative bullshit scheme that seems to live at Baer Brakes. Everybody at Baer at this time is just HAPPY to have a job. I do wonder when the less than desirable product causes a problem and who will rally for Hal or his buddy. Hal’s mistake is not rolling up his sleeves and getting involved with the machine shop. Hal needs to know that his homeboy has used his equipment and employees to make articles that the company did not order. That’s right, he used his employees to make stuff that was SOLD and that made money for his homeboy and not the company. Now ain’t that some sh*t! That’s why it will die. He has no idea. His buddy will just leave and suck somebody else’s common stock. After all it was you that caused all the crap in the first place. You that sat in complete air while you laughed. You that thinks you are an engineer. You that thinks you belong. I hope your a*s falls off you fu*king piece of Arizona raised and born crap. May your smile need many dentists to remove that fu*king crap you sport.

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