Aylin Ezra Bayramoglu – California

Both these individuals are convicted sex offenders and are into some real perverse and far out sexual deviant kinks they like to post on Craigslist and do tiny tiny Cuckold and real worthless type projection rejection roleplay with Aylin acting as hook nose that’s #CaptainHookNose and Ryan acting as #CuckoldQuist. They posted on Craigslist and Aylin posed as an escort and my buddy went to the hotel to pay for the services and while he was undressing Aylin started to suck him off to distract him and a dude came out which was later identified to be Ryan QUIST came out from behind and robbed him so he never got to have full intercourse with Aylin for #1 as at that moment she was only beginning to suck his dick and he got robbed at knife point for $450.00 . So he got a royal double fucking!! This people are crooks and liars and robbers!! Be cognizant of these people who post and don’t usually use their real pictures so you don’t know if it’s them until it’s face-to-face and then it’s nighty night goodbye you’re getting robbed!!

Tjis couple post on Craigslist looking for dog to have orak sex with Aylin as that’s what Ryan likes to see and he is into cuckold and being told he has a real tiny tiny worthless cock!! Sounds we weird but to each his own. Now this isn’t to each his own;! His wife states that Ryan has molested his girls and she said this on video so there is video evidence of this statement as she has said if many times. Also she states Ryan is into pedophilia as well. Watch your self if you get dates on Craigslist but jt is said Aylin has a very nice hooknose so when she is blowing your cock her nose sorta buries in your asshole so it feels hot and when u kiss her afterwards she smells like straight Dookey!! Pewwwweeee

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