I hired Allison to finish my divorce. The only reason I hired her, was because my first attorney would not return calls or messages, and postponed my divorce against my wishes. The discovery was finished, and my ex and I had agreed on everything. Allison promised to get it done and protect my interests. SHe began immediately to drag out every step, to overcomplicate everything, and to rack up hours at $450 each. I finally had to tell her to let me get in a word edgewise, and shut up! Eventually I would not take her calls, because they were so inefficient, and redundant, and she never shut up! She went through my $5000 deposit in a week! Within 3 weeks she had billed another $10,000, with no end in site! We finally got to an unneeded mediation. After 4 hours, nothing had been done. I told her to get the ball rolling, that I was leaving at 5pm. She informed me that I would leave when she said so, even if it was midnight! I told her she worked for me, and I would decide when it was over. She replied that I was wrong, and in fact, my divorce would not be over until she, the opposing council, and the judge decided it was over! By this time I realized i was helpless and being raped. Her favorite ploy was this complicated, disorganized proposed property division form, which made no sense, and which she would never supply in usuable format, only as a PDF. She and the other attorney kept changing it by the hour, splitting amounts, changing things we had already agreed on. I finally, at my own expense, had an accountant redo it in usable form, so I could see the games they were playing. That really pissed her off! Our relationship deteriorated, and inspite of my refusing almost any communication with her, she continued to bill me another $18,000, almost $40,000 in 3 months! I finally spoke to a friend, who told me that my divorce would go on forever( almost 3 years at this point), until I had no more assets. In other words, when the carcuss was bare, the vultures would leave. So, I cut my work hours, paid off all debt I could, and drained my accounts. Just like he said, immediately Allison informed me that she and the other sttorney were ready to get my divorce finished(they were ready!!). In another 5 weeks, it was filed and done, I thought. Then she informed me that only the rough draft had been filed(she made sure some of it was handwritten), and not to worry, she would continue to work in my best interest, on the final draft!! By this time I had high blood pressure, angina, ulcers, depression, insomnia, and who knows what else!! I was also broke!! 6 months earlier I was rich, now broke. And she hit me with another $8000 bill, which I am refusing to pay. At this point, I would rather declare bankrupcy than give this lying, steling, vulture another penny! I am in the process of suing her for malpractice, reporting her to the state bar, and reporting her to the FTC for fraud. So, brothers, avoid this manhating, l*****n, lying, heartless, liberal, soulless, theiving, crook at all costs!!! I am sure God cannot wait to get her in h***!!

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