From my experience with this website I would warn everyone do not spend a dime on this site. I believe the operator Ron Blanchard is a con man or at the very least A liar and a poor business man. The site looks legitimate but I ordered a product, paid by Credit card and never received anything. Contacting the owner by email and telephone got promises to send the product or that it was “already sent and should be practically at your doorstep”. That was 2 months ago and to date nothing has arrived. I requested a refund 3 weeks ago but have not received even a response to my request. I filed a complaint with the BBB and hope they can help me get a refund. In my mind, it’s a shame that this bottom-dweller is using Bobby Orr’s good name to run a shady website. A crying shame. If anyone reading this knows Bobby Orr IRL please make him aware that this is going on. Thanks for reading.

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