I purchased a kitten from Dragonheart. When I got him he looked small and not well. Not knowing what a 12 wk old Ragdoll kitten should look like I took him home. On the 2nd vet visit there was a heart murmur detected. I was told to take him to a Veterinary Cardiologist, I did. It turned out that he had HCM (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy). While waiting for the vet to take an X-ray I called Dragonheart. To make a long story shorter, I was given my $ back and offered a free kitten when I was ready. Aslan died 2 months after being given diagnosed…he was 7 months old. My problem with Dragonheart is that the mother of my kitten (Marble May) was tested for the gene for HCM and to my knowledge has not been bred again. The male Cowboy has not been tested. According to Dragonheart he bites and claws so she cannot take him to the vet. Dragonheart continues to use him as a stud even though it is not known for sure if his kittens will be at risk for HCM. I don”t want another person or kitten to go through what Aslan and I did because this breeder is not willing to make sure her male is not a carrier of HCM.

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