• 325 Kopenicker Strasse,Berlin,Germany Berlin, Other Germany

I was convinced buy 2 men to buy a motorcycle on ebay safe harbor which ended up not being on ebay. I was told to wait for an e-mail from ebay then follow there directions, which was send the money and i had ebay protction plan. Well the e-mail was not from them and as soon as i sent the money i never heard from the sellers agian. And know no one is helping me in anyway. The money was to be sent to Adi Dinescu at Kopenicker Strasse 325,12555,Berli,Germany he did pick the money up western union. And they said they have is id info pickup location and time to give to the athorites,but no one is helping. Know the seller was Carl Blumberg who says he is from germany to but when i do an ebay search on his e-mail [email protected] it says metalpromos United Kindom,but at one time it was also showing batmansboy KYunited states. So they got my 3,800.00 and know i cant get any help. iam in the us by the way. Thank You and any help would be appreciated. Todd silver springs, New YorkU.S.A.

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