I need for people to know about his dude asap, I was desperate looking for my wife who was kind of abandon me and I decided to look for this. This was the worst mistake ever. PLEASE BELIEVE IN JESUS nobody else. This is the devil lying to you. This person made me sent pictures of my wife, the other person and I. Then when I decided not to do anything he decided to contact the person and let them know what I was doing on facebook, I got really scare and sent 500 dollars, after I sent the money because he said he was going to do something bad, he said that I had a package to receive and that I needed to send more money. I got so mad, I told this guy I wasn’t paying anything else, he says he was going to contact some people to get me to jail because I contacted him to hurt others. I have told him I said stop everything and that was when he would be mad and start threating me. Please don’t allow this in your life. I felt horrible and decided not to continue. He said I was going to die or my kids. This is the most horrible thing I have ever done in my life. I am not going to give the name now but I will eventually cause the police needs to do something with these devils

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