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I want to share my attempted buying experience that I encountered w/ Al Lamb’s Dallas Honda. For several weeks I had been watching a number of new 2006 Interceptors both on eBay & Cycle Trader. Around the region there were several listings for $7995 & $7999 but living in Texas I wanted to keep my business local. I was also watching a 2006 Honda Interceptor VFR800 being relisted repeatedly by Dallas Honda on eBay ….. it was also listed on Cycle Trader, the price specified on both sites was $8699. On 3/13/2008 I dropped by the show room and was greeted by Rob Young and briefly viewed the Interceptor (in the 5 minutes that I was escorted by Rob he showed me where the bike was located and let me sit on a used Interceptor), the price on the show room floor was $8299. The following week I called in & asked to speak w/ Joe Gentle/Sales Manager, my intent was to negotiate a fair price directly rather than waste a sales person’s time as a go-between ….. instead Brian Ralph/Internet Sales took my call and informed me that Joe was running payroll. I informed Brian of my interest & the prices I had found and asked him to run the numbers and call me back he did not return my call. Later that day I called back and Brian excused his failure to return my call by telling me that there was no way they would match those prices so he did not bother calling me back ….. I asked for the best out-the-door price and was promised a return call. Brian called back w/ $9194 ($8299, plus $199 F&A, $556.62 Tax, $50 Doc, & $89 I&R) and let me know that I had my choice of Black or White for that price. On 3/20/2008 I returned to Al Lamb’s Dallas Honda and was again greeted by Rob, I asked to speak w/ Brian because I was working on the price thru him but Rob informed me that he could finalize the deal. Rob rolled the white Interceptor off the show room floor into a sales area, left briefly and returned w/ a “4-squares” sheet showing a price of something in the neighborhood of $9700. I stated that was not the price I was quoted and Rob asked me to “make an offer” ….. after studying the sheet I saw there was an extra $499 for freight that explained the difference in price. I asked that they match the $8k price I had seen at other dealerships and drop the $499 freight as well as the $199 F&A and recalculate the tax (making my offer approximately $8700). Rob left w/ my offer and returned w/ $9500 as the best price. I reminded him that I already had a quote for $9194, but Rob told me that was not going to happen because he had several other interested buyers that were coming in during the upcoming weekend. I left disappointed, but after speaking w/ a buddy and garnering his interest in buying one of the 2 available Interceptors (black vs. white) I called in and offered that we could come in immediately and purchase both if we could get an out-the-door price in the $9k each price range ….. that offer was refused. After the weekend the Interceptor was still listed on eBay, so I e-mailed Brian and explained that Rob had not been agreeable to the quote he had given me the week before. Brian’s reply was that $9500 was the best price he could do. I replied back begging to know what happened to $9194? Brian replied that the bike was sold ….. period ….. no offer to sell me an 07 or a new 08 ….. just sold. I replied that I would be sharing this information w/ you, Al Lamb ….. the owner and ultimately their boss. No response. So, I drove to the dealership and there was the Interceptor STILL on the show room floor! The bike was NOT sold and when I got back to my computer the listing was still on eBay ….. I clicked the “buy-it-now” option and the next day I got a response from Brian again stating that the item was sold – I left justly deserved negative feedback. Dlambeth McKinney, TexasU.S.A. Click here to read other Ripoff Scamss on Honda & Honda Delaers

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