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Hello all. I first became aware of this company from a local ad in the newspaper. Figured they were legit since they’re in the paper. On June 6th, decided to give them a try … Unlike some of the peps, I was able to log in the website. All it is a list of websites, many of them like adcarjobs. I went to a few of them and filled out an application. The list was probably over a 100 different websites, so instead of going to each one & filling out a separate application … Adcarjobs offers a ‘bonus’ membership that says they will summit all your information to all the companies for you for only an additional $19.95. Being a trustworthy individual, I did this also … After not hearing for any companies in a month, I asked for my refund. I got an email from them saying it may take up to 60 days. Well 60 days later and still no refund. Yesterday I contacted Clickbank about this, and lo and behold … Their refund policy is limited to 60 days. Seems like Adcarjobs had me wait over 60 days just to keep my money. Wish I had know about this website before all this. Well, live & learn. LOL Larus Cheraw, South CarolinaU.S.A.

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