• I-35 & Seguin Ave New Braunfels, Texas U.S.A.

I sent my truck to aamco transmission in new brunfels tx and wanted them to look at it and see what was wrong with it they called and said they needed my permission to take the transmission out and tear it down, i said ok, a few days later they said it was shot and needed to be overhauled and it would cost 2200.00 i said i didnt have that kinda money but i would look for it when i couldnt get it i had my wife call and see how much it would cost to get it out with the towing and storage fees, labor, etc… I told her to tell them to put the parts in the back when she called they said it was fixed and that i owed them 2200.00 dollars. I DID NOT give them permission to fix it i have not sighned any paper work saying i did,they did ask me for my birthday but when i asked why do you need my birthday he said,oh just give it to me, i have asked him twice why they needed that,i still do not know !!! I have not seen ANY paperwork at all on it whatso ever, even when they towed it in all i have recieved is a business card. I have gone and tryed to work it out with them i told them i could pay 100.00 a week and no more and they said they would get back with me by phone to let me know if it would be ok to do that, they have never called. Yesterday they sent me a registered letter stating that i have 30 days to pay or they will sell my truck at auction (even though it is still financed) Mike Canyon Lake, Texas

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