Deceiving website, terrible customer service, bait and switch. Oh how I wish I would have seen this site before I ordered!!! I ordered chairs and the ones that came were not even the chairs that I ordered. I was told they would ship out in 2 weeks…I got them in 8 weeks. I actually like the chairs that were sent in error, however, that might not have been the case. 2 of the seats are now defective and I can’t get them to replace them. Their customer service is terrible. They probably can’t even keep up with it I am guessing. They keep telling me that they will have an answer tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow…Hello-the chairs are broken-send replacements! The tables that came in were 1 1/4 inch thick-not the 1 1/2 spec on the website. Customer service acknowledged that yes, they can’t get the thickness of the wood required…not funny how they took my money anyway without informing me regarding this. Bait and switch is what it is called. Several of the tables have warped within a week of install. Most of the tables have defective finish. Paper was imbedded in finish. We thought we could merely damped it and get it off, but it was actually imbedded in the finish. Also, if the table gets water on it, you end up with white spots or delamination…much like when regular furniture gets those white rings. The tables also are assembled with huge hunking cleats that have huge unfinished splinter causing edges. These are not stated as being part of the table on the website. Ugly site line. Such a shame as the wood of the tables is beautiful. 2 of the chairs I ordered are falling apart. They keep blowing me off on the replacement for those as well. I was told that the tables were taking priority. Apparently they can only handle 1 thing at a time. They constantly ignored my requests telling me they would get back to me in a couple hours or the next day by email. They never did. I always had to initiate the contact. I think they would have just ignored me until I told them…after them ignoring my many emails, that I was going to report them to the FTC. I would urge others that have the same kind of problems to report them. Perhaps they might take integrity seriously. Better Business Bureau is next. Their answer to rectify the problem is for me to uninstall the tables and pack them up( for them) put them on palates and send them back to them. Now, why would I want to do this for them when they are the ones who knowingly sent defective product? They will then issue a refund. I can’t even imagine how long it would take for a refund to be issued. The website is very deceiving. Beware!!!

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