Extremely Lousy Service rendered by Nova Furnishing at Kallang Way Branch!!! In fact, you don”t consider it service at all. The male workers really sucks to the core!!! (pardon me please) I ordered a dressing table for my new house weeks ago. When I called in to request for delivery arrangement, a male staff answered my call. Instead of assisting me straight away, he told me the staff who attended to me is not around, and requested me to call back again. Poor service! On 16th Aug, I realised that my dressing table is faulty. The next morning I decided to call them to rectify the fault. Again, a male staff answered my call and same thing happened. He told me the staff who attended to me is not around, and requested me to call back again. This time round, I told him, ask the staff to call me back! I waited for a day but to no avail. Yesterday, 17th Aug, I couldn”t wait any longer as I am getting more and more impatient. I called them. Same thing happened, male staff answered, staff not around, ask me to call back! I got furious and I blasted him. To my surprise, he replied me arrogantly in hokkien”, “There”s no point for talking loud to me!” “Don”t call in and scold people!” And he hung up! Wow, what an excellent service they provide! My hubby knew about this and decided to call them to request for an apology from the guy who hung up my call. Another male staff answered and replied, “There”s no such person who hung up your call.” He even ask if we dialled the correct number. We felt that the staffs there are trying to cover up for one another. My hubby was furious and we went directly to the showroom to confront them. When we were there, there were only 2 male staffs working. Their service standard is absolutely unacceptable! They behave like hooligans with all the cursings and swearings that come out from their mouth. It is really ashamed to see such uncivilised people working in the service industry. They insisted no one received any call from us, they even keep insisting me on the name. They uttered a lot of rubbish which includes, I”m not even their customer, they are not here to get scolding from us. They even went overboard by calling the police as they claimed that we are there to create trouble! Well, after all and all, it was indeed a lousy experience. I am still waiting for the reply from the Management. It is definitely my first and my last time patronising Nova Furnishing.

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