Italian conman Ed Vecchiarelli Sr 67

smooth talker will sweep you off your feet with BS, roses, the whole enchilada and take you places all over but as soon as he has got you under his spell you are screwed. By then he already has 10 or 15 other women on the hook at the same time. I moved in with him in Colorado and he broke my heart, sleeping with other men and women almost daily. He has some kind of hold over them – and me. He has a very vicious sadistic side to him and he is a flagrant, flamboyant cheat. He cheats at everything he does in business, play, or anything in between. And lies all the time if he is talking to u assume he is lying. He stalked me for the last year. He stalks everyone. Its part of his whole need to be in control all the time. I ended up getting a restraining order against him. He was always on me with where have you been and he’s just crazy. Telling me he would fly his airplane into our house. I had to get away from him This guy is really bad news. Just run ladies

My ex sells used generators in Brighton not what he represents to consumers, he has a pretty good scam going right now. He is into a lot of other things. I am pretty scared of him after what I saw he did to some others he was mad at drives pretty expensive race cars,but can only win in his home town of Brighton #canada #yacht #privatepilot #scams #taxevasion #erie #brighton #ballcorp #pueblo #chicago #ohio #colorado #bisexual #sadist #cheat #wealthy #corrupt #liar #abuser #homewrecker #crazy #evil #italian #fraud #moneylaundering #drugs #hudson #greeley #lafayette #moonandback #babygirl #pervert #nuts #unfaithful #stds #assault #violent #angry #narcissist #psycopath #money #abuser #manipulative #cruel #deceptive #mean

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