Addressing to all concern government authorities, independent judiciaries, controlling departments, human rights officials and associations, On 11th oct 1997, united bank management without any provocation and permission from government unilaterally terminated 5416 officers and executives perforce who were either promoted or inducted in bank service on or after 01.10.1991. No law or service rules permits bank for mass scale termination still lifo (last in first out) uk methodology applicable from date of employment was wrongly applied on majority of such officers and executives who were promoted from 1.1.93 onward. National assembly of pakistan on 6th october 2010 passed “sacked employees reinstatement bill 2010” for providing relief to the persons who were appointed in a corporation service or autonomous or semi-autonomous bodies or otherwise in gop service from the period november 1, 1993 to november 30, 1996 and were dismissed, removed or terminated from service from november 1, 1996 to december 31, 1998. Clause 2 (b) & clause (7) those employees who were removed, terminated, dismissed or given forced golden hand shake during the period from the 1st day of november, 1996 to the 12th day of october, 1999, (both days inclusive) have been reinstated. Clause 4 of the this bill speaks (the provisions of this ordinance shall have effect notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in any other law for the time being in force or in any judgment of any tribunal or court including supreme court and high court). It is respectfully submitted that the said act is neither conditional nor restricted therefore effectively enforce for the reinstatement of officers and executives terminated perforce in the year 1997 when the bank was controlled and owned by government of pakistan. It is certainly not out of purview of government of pakistan in case some of the government shares were off loaded from ubl on 17.10.2002. Sizeable shares are in public hands as well sbp and gop. We had submitted our joining report to ubl, as instructed in said bill and also informed to “establishment division, gop” but we are shocked to know by receiving a letter ref:erd/shn/2010 dated: november 30, 2010 stated as bellow: “this act is not applicable to ubl and therefore your letter under reference being misconceived is hereby file” Honorable sir, under the above circumstances, submission based on facts and relied upon effective government documents/directives merits your gracious consideration to be admitted and the flimsy arguments, fiction type commentary submitted on false grounds by ubl with ulterior motives may be judged. Accordingly prayer is made before honorable chief justice of pakistan mr. Justice iftekhar muhammad chaudhry in the best interest of justice that the instant submission of the applicant may be admitted for sou moto action. Aggrieved applicant; Retrenched officers and execitives United bank limited Head office, karachi.

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