My company just changed from Cigna to United healthcare, but the handling of my plan is done through UMR. In the last three days I have had to call four times to find information and have spoken to four different people. The three first two girls I spoke to on the first day seemed to have poor English and were not very helpful at all.

I was looking for RX advice and the first girl abruptly told me that I had to call my Rx plan. I searched for that number and seemed to have no note of this. I called back and asked for the number. I was told, patronisingly, that it was at the top right hand corner of my card. I advised that it wasn’t, and could I have the number. Instead she passed me through. An hour later I had some more information to discuss with the pharmacy benefits tam and had to go the whole thing again. This time I got Dominic. He was GREAT and not only gave me the number but found it in miniscule numbers on the back of my card, right at the bottom, with no clear indication of what the number was for.

Today I had to call again to ask for help finding a provider. Not only did they refuse to email me the names of the providers, the girl made it pretty clear she did not have the time to be going through names to help me, she checked if I had computer access and practically insisted I use the website..which is not the greatest thing either. My company changed from Cigna to United Healthcare at the turn of the year. I am paying a lot more for my healthcare this year and this third party bunch of jokers do not come close to providing the service at the Cigna call center. Apart from

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