Ladies and Gentlemen Introducing Mr. Martin Horan…..Owner of Remove Reports LLC.,,,,,, (check out the copyright),,,, just received word he owns gay p**n sites lol…..S**t the list JUST keeps going on. So If you would like to inquiry on a quote about removals from Martin, you better hire him. The reason WHY, is if you choose to go with a reputable reputation company you will end up on these websites once you’re removed if not before. YES…. once your removed from and you didn’t hire Martin Horan you will land on or, etc. Don’t believe a word I am saying, go to and click the button on the center of page and watch where it takes you…… land……away you go! Scammer in the flesh I say NOT…..Martin claims to be in Washington D.C. in a nice little suite downtown Suite 300, at 1629 K Street NW #300, Washington, DC 20006 is actually a shipping and receiving facility? Mr. Horan what are shipping and receiving? BUT truly he’s in the slums of singapore…WOW… FOR HIM U.S. laws and f**k over your clients doesn’t matter. He is all about the green, the cheddar, YOUR CHEDDAR. How many people have hired Martin Horan and then wonder why they are listed on sites but weren’t before??? I feel so sorry about the clients.

BE ADVISED(NOT ADVICE), WRITE IT ON A POSTED NOTE AND CARRY IT WITH YOU, Don’t hire a scam artist, DON’T HIRE MARTIN HORAN!!! Don’t hire someone that doesn’t know what a hot dog is, or can not spell words correctly, OR WRITES THEIR OWN REVIEWS! Does his sound familiar??? “LET’S MAKE A DEAL” is going to be edged in his tombstone. Want to be listed or re-listed? Do you want to be reported? Do you want extortion on the brain? CALL RIGHT NOW (646) 586 2219, He’s patiently waiting to take your money and give you the a*s f*****g of a lifetime! Go and visit him… make sure to pack a bag…. you will be on vacation for a minute! Don’t forget the sunscreen or mosquito repellent either. is the reputation company I would definitely hire. Let’s see if you can get this removed!!! Keep up the great negative work you do for us Mr Horan. Thank you for making ORM (Online Reputation Management) possible for everyone. Best regards to you in the future!!! FOLKS YOU MIGHT WANT TO READ THIS AND THEN CHECK COUNTY RECORDS!!

If you look at county records Martin Horan owner of Remove Reports LLC was found guilty of extortion, illegal posting and money laundering. The U.S. will not extradite Mr. Horan because he is in Singapore! THIS IS A WARNING TO ALL CLIENTS, DO NOT SAY I DIDN’T INFORM YOU OF THIS SCAMMER! – EXTORTION SCAM! has been reported as a cheater, scammer, fraudster and quack on This report has been filed by Anonymous to help others to avoid the same situation. You can use Internet Cheaters as a platform to report about any person or business.

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