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I hired this company to transport my 1966 AMC Ambassador Rambler in October 2009. My car arrived late in the evening after dark, upon inspection I noticed some damage that my car had sustained. I contacted the company a few days later with the details of the damage and was told to send an estimate along with pictures of the damage to be further investigated. The claim was denied on the grounds that by the pictures there was no sign that they attached or did any damage to the area in question. How can they tell where the driver attached it from a picture they were not there when the car was loaded or unloaded. They claim that because the rust on that area was not disturbed was how they determined that. The car had no damage to it when it was loaded so there should have been none when I recieved it. I was even told by Steven ( an employee there) that it could have been anchored another way that would have been better for the car. It was restrained by a 3 point restraint and the one place in front was exactly where the metal was ripped. The car was tied down so tight between the restraints that it bent basically the unibody frame. I had just had the car worked on right before shipping at several different shops and none of the damage had been there. I just want this company to reimburse me for what they did to my car.

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