• 120 West Walnut Street Santa Maria, California U.S.A.
  • Scam

Mr. Sather collects the money in advance for automotive repair/body work, then his clients have to settle for less than acceptable work. Sometimes they never get their cars repaired. There are about 10 cars on his lot that will just sit there until their owners tow them off. He’s been known to take the cars off his lot to make room for new suckers, and he will leave the car somewhere in town, only to be towed at the owner’s expense. Mr. Sather is on a cash basis for car parts because he has abused local auto parts stores’ credit policies and has stiffed so many in the business. This why everyone pays up front, he says he doesn’t have the money to purchase these parts and customers finance him. Then they get stiffed, he pockets the money. Auto parts stores in town won’t deal with him, he has to drive to Santa Maria to buy parts with cash or he’ll go to wrecking yards and buy off wrecked cars. A lot of other nice people are prepared to petition the State of California Bureau of Automotive Repair in Sacramento to yank Mr. Sather’s license. This in intended to send a strong message to Mr. Sather that he has wronged a lot of hard working citizens by taking their money and throwing it away on his own foolishness. Mr. Sather is a manipulating bully. Most people are too busy and frustrated to bring their issues to Small Claims court for reimbursement because they are busy with their families and their work. However, they are circling. Mr. Sather is a predator, a hustler, ripoff/scam artist “working” folks and taking money from their families. Cheryl Santa Maria, CaliforniaU.S.A.

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