• 729 Lime Ave 8 Long Beach, California United States

Brenda Harris of huntington beach and long beach Ca moved into the apartment complex on 729 lime ave in long beach about 2 years ago. Well she was a single mother and she plated that card to get sympathy from the owner the other tenants and the cops. If she didn’t like something she would be abusive to the people and slander them or tell them to f themselves or if that didn’t work tell the owner Marcus a sob story where one of the other tenants did something so bad and to deal with them, all based on her word. She was a terrible neighbor and fought constantly with several units, who had their own problems but she was in no place to throw rocks. She ripped me off and when I called her on it she threatened to call the cops. I cut her off and she was stunned when I told her I blocked her number. I cut her off because she had no respect for me and she has an anxiety disorder and part of that is power and control of people. I didn’t like being abused so I cut her off. Well she was nuts but not abusive to me yet until I cut her off. Then she focused the abuse she did on unit 1,4 and 5 to me and started spreading lies about me to get people to sympathize with her and harassment or believe i n her victim narrarative. Of course she never told them about her behavior. She did this and I ignored her but she kept trying to use the owner to harass me by calling him and lying so he would phone and ask me what was going on. Her mom who has schizophrenia and is very abusive to her dad, like writing messages on this truck like you are worthless and stuff, Brenda lied to her and she came to my house and threatened me. I called the cops and when they showed up Brenda and her mentally I’ll mom tried to tell the police lies about me to justify their abuse. For the next year I underwent lots of stress because of her lies and harassment. I ignored her and trued to avoid her because she was a liar and her lies made living there uncomfortable. So I had cameras that were decoys to stop crime because of tweakers that sometimes got into our compound. One night she calls the police and tells them I’m looking into her bedroom to try to get them to harass or arrest me just like the other tenants. She was a liar and a but so I was scared that she would set me up. Well I reported her to the new management and went to court the next day to file a restraining order. I was sick of it, she was a sociopath and I was through. Then her babies daddy I presume gets out of prison and she tells him some lies and tries to get him to threaten me. I called the cops and reported it again. There has been this pattern for years of abuse. So beware if you happen to work or live close to her, if you don’t let her control you she will do whatever she can to harass you or destroy you. Also I think k she worked at supercuts in huntington beach or someplace convenient to long beach.

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