I was a resident of Monument, Colorado in 2006. In September of 2006 Penkhus Mazda performed some repair work on my 2002 Mazda Tribute. The original issue was a defective coil. As I take extremely good care of my vehicle (which my records demonstrate) I decided a prudent measure would be to have the plugs replaced. They were working fine at the time and only had 61K miles on them (The recommended replacement was 90k miles). The repair shop stated, in the attached receipt,that they had replaced all six spark plugs. Now fast forward to this summer when I had $3700 of work done on my catalytic converters. In his effort to find the root cause of so many converters being bad the Midas manager found that only three of the six spark plugs had been replaced. He said the three older ones, which were coincidentally the three that required major disassembly to replace, were extremely worn and did not match the same manufacturer as the three that were in good shape, and easier to replace. The manager stated to me, in the attached letter, that he believes that these old plugs caused unburnt fuel to clog the catalytic converters. He also clearlystates that he feels those three spark plugs were never replaced. When contacted about this Penkhus Mazda told me that the fact that the receipt says the plugs were replaced is proof of replacement and that too much time has passed.I will leave the receipt comment stand as it is both insulting and ridiculous. As for time going by my response is that this is exactlythe symptoms not replacing those plugs would cause. While 5 years have gone by I have only increased the miles logged from 61K to under 114K. When I had the plugs replaced they were not due until 90k miles. And only half of the spark plugs were old. As such one would not expect there to be negative symptoms until after the 90k point was reached. Said differently these symptoms, the timethat has passed and the mileage accrued during that period are completely in line and to be expected given the scenario as described. I believe Penkhus Mazda committed fraud when it stated they replaced my spark plugs and owe me restitution for that original work and work I have done since in addition to whatever other penalties such an action my incur in Colorado.

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