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Tony Riek bought BITOG from Bob Winters, and Tony protected a product called auto-rx because it was a sponsor on his board, this product did not work for many members, but Tony protected auto-rx because he was a Paid Poster for the product. Tony Riek bought BITOG for only $1000.00, and now his wife Helen Riek is trying to sell this board for $100,000 well she did not get that, she has dropped the price down to $50,000 the best offer she got was maybe $5000.00 this board is not even worth $500.00 Helen Riek does not care about her members, all she cares about doing is maximizing her pocketbook. There are many sponsors who have left BITOG because they were not seeing a return on there investment. Tony Riek has passed on, but his wife kept auto-rx on as a sponsor for over 2 years when she knew that the product did not work for 99% of the members on BITOG who tried the product. All she cared about was that auto-rx was giving her $1500.00 a year. I am sorry to say that anyone thinking about buying this board is making a mistake, BITOG has been poisoned by Tony Riek and Helen Riek association with auto-rx. Some of the most prominent BITOG members were ” Paid Posters For Auto-Rx ” you can google the Thread. Tony Riek and Gary Allan were the biggest Paid Posters For Auto-Rx. Anyone thinking about buying BITOG should really do there homework, the original owner of BITOG never made any money on the board so he thought $1000.00 was a fair price, do not get conned by Helen Riek, the board is not going to make any MONEY.

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