A stay in Beaver Utah (i.e., encounter local restaurants, hotels, automotive service and especially local government) exposes this small town as one of the greediest and corrupt as you will find, and it seems to center around the corruption in the local government names of Blackner, Yardley and Noel. Beaver County Sheriff Cameron Noel hired Ken Yardley in 2006 to supervise inmates, and the FBI uncovered Yardley was using the inmates to work on his own home. Mark Yardley, former Mayor of Beaver City, resigned in disgrace in 2018 for using his Eagles Landing Flying J rest stop to target vulnerable travellers, getting his employees to tell them their tires were shot (when they were not) and then manipulating them into spending in some cases over $3000 for tires and other unnecessary repairs. Yardley and his Fying J were investigated by the State of Utah, and instead of cooperating with the investigators, Beaver County Sheriff Cammeron Noel abused his authority and threatened the investigators, trying to cover for the corrupt behavior of his buddy and Beaver Mayor Yardley. The greed of Yardley doesn’t stop there, colluding with Beaver City Manager Brent Blackner to misuse Beaver funds to divert purchased road chips for blacktopping to his buddy and former Mayor Mark Yardley at the Flying J Rest Stop. Blackner resigned in 2019 amid the scandal and the current status of his criminal investigation is uncertain. This systemic corruption doesn’t stay at the top, but seems to be a cancer in Beaver that trickles down into other facets of business: Greedy hotel operators pulling bait and switch scams, Restaurants overcharging on tickets, bait and switch scams on automotive service, local contractors who are not only extremely incompetent and lazy, but who overcharge as well. The only ethical thing I’ve seen happen is the County Attorney, Von Christiansen, recusing himself from the Blackner investigation. Perhaps Utah State Rep Mike Noel needs to have a talk with his corrupt son who abuses his authority as the Beaver County Sheriff. In fact, Cameron Noel should resign as Blackner and Yardley were forced to for abusing their positions.

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