• 5138 N STATE 6 HOUSTON, Texas U.S.A.

I had my vehicle repaired by CSI, When I finally got the vehicle back from being repaired.”2 months after the date they promised.” I drove it off the lot and it didn’t feel the same, Then I got on Hwy 6, when I went to slow down for my turn and pressed on the brakes the veichle starting shaking. When I turn corners I hear a grinding like sound, it felt like something was grinding real loud. When I called the manager of the shop “CSI” to inform them of the situation. The manager told me that the veichle was inspected and was in good condition and then they told me that there work is done by computers and machines that are 99.9 accurate. I couldn’t belive he made that statement to me. I had to pay a $500 deductable that I owned Bear Creek Collision Specialist, I informed them if they did not fix the problem I would put a stop payment on the check. They said they would not fix it and I ended up paying over $1500 additional for work to be done on my veichle. One year later, yes 1 year later. They hired a investator that was watching me for a year and towed my veichle at 4:30 am from my home, and the person that towed it said it ill be over $2,000 to redeem my veichle. Bear Creek CSI placed a mechanic lein on my vehicle and no one as ever attempted to reach me regarding this issue. If you are ever in a wreck PLEASE PLEASE for your sake do not have your car towed to CSI Collision Center on HWY 6 North. Any one that reads this with a complaint about this shop please help me spread the word about this very poorly run and dishonest so called body shop. Anyone that would take advantage of a elderly widowed woman should should be very ashamed of them selves. God bless everyone especially the owner and employees of CSI You will need it!! Edna HOUSTON, TexasU.S.A.

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