I needed a rental car because my car need to go into the shop. I shopped around for the best price and found Basic Car Rental. They asked me if I had a credit card and was over 25. I said yes. They asked me to come in and offered to pick me up. I said no and they insisted its a free ride and that I should just take advantage of it. So i was picked up. When I got to the place, the receptionist informed me that my credit card is a debit card. I told her it can also be used like credit. It has a Visa Logo on it. She said that they would then charge me and extra ten dollars a day for debit. Since she didn’t specify on the phone, I didnt know. My debit card has a Visa logo on it and I use it as credit sometimes. The quote came out to 350 a week, up from the original quote of 179 a week. I refused the offer and she told me to take the bus back home. I told her I wanted a ride back because I had no way of getting back. She called a cab and said it wasn’t her problem. The only way back home would be to purchase a rental car she said. After a bit of screaming, and me asking her to call the police, she sent the driver to send us back home. Halfway through the ride she calls the driver. The driver is driving so he puts the phone on speaker. The lady said that she wanted him to dump us off anywhere because she didn’t want him driving us all the way home. What a way to defraud and victimize customers.

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