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Here is my complaint letter to Budget Rental Cars: “I am writing to inform you of my recent expertise with your online system and telephone customer service. On 7/23/09, I received two email confirmations for reservations I had made for an upcoming trip (attached). I thought it was odd that I receive two and upon closer inspection I found that the emails cited two different confirmation numbers. I assumed that I had two active reservations. It explicated states the in the email that I received that, If you have cancelled this reservation within the past 48 hours, please disregard this reminder. Since, I had not canceled this reservation within the past 48 hours I believed it to be a valid reservation. (In addition, I had encountered difficultly with your online system when I made my reservation because I was trying to make sure it was linked to my frequent renter account.) As a responsible consumer I thought it best to have a single reservation so I arbitrarily selected one of the emails and cancelled the reservation (attached). When I went to view the remaining reservation by clicking the link contained in the other confirmation email I found that it too was canceled. In response I call your customer service, to attempt to correct what I thought was a simple problem. Their response to my call was an offer to rebook the reservation at an increased cost of over $100. One customer service agent suggest that I just show up with a print out of my canceled reservation and see if the manager would honor it! When a supervisor called in response to my call, he explicated stated that onus was on me to determine that the reservations that I received email confirmations for were actually valid reservations before I canceled them! I disagree with his assessment. I believe that your automated system sent me the confirmation email in error and therefore the responsibility lies with your company to assist me with rectifying the problem by rebooking my reservation at the same rate. As an aside, I found your costumer service deplorable. The first time I called I was on hold for 38 minutes, the second time for 20. The manager that returned my call was rude, augmentative, condescending and unprofessional. I require the service a rental car company frequently in my personal and business travels. People in my organization are also frequently travelers. As a result of this incident, I refuse to rent from Budget or Avis in the future. I will share this experience with family, friends and colleagues. Perhaps you have too many customers. Now you have one less maybe more.” Lmd Aberdeen, MarylandU.S.A.

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