My daughter who recently turned 19, was working at the Adobe Bar and Bistro inside the Park Royal hotel in Sydney for a period of 9 months. Initially the working conditions and circumstances were good and my daughter enjoyed her job, later on though, Angelo the manager started engaging in behaviour constituting sexual harassement. On numerous occaisions he’d pretend to accidentally bump into my daughter whilst placing his hands on her buttocks, or would blatantly slap her on her buttocks when she did a good job as a way of complimenting her. He continued doing this despite me sending an email to human resource about his despicable behaviour, asking them to cease it. Eventually things became ridiculous when Angelo started telling my daughter that in order to get more tips and work during the busy but lucrative periods of Friday and Saturday nights, she would be required to wear a shorter skirt, tighter see-through top, and either no underwear or a g-string. This was the last straw and because of this, I filed another complaint with HR and got my daughter out of that bar immediately. If any girls are thinking of working under Angelo Ziotas in the capacity as a waitress or staff member, be forewarned this man is a sexual deviant and will attempt to groom and take advantage of you.

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