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I noticed this am/pm store had many customers waiting in line at the gas pumps, and I noticed cash price for regular gas was $3.79 a gal. Running a little short on cash, I had to use my credit card for the purchase of gasoline, which should have been $3.89 a gallon. As I approached the cashier, she was very aggressive in telling me not only will I pay the 10 cents extra per gallon for using my credit card, I also will be charged another 10 cents per gallon as profit to the store. So the end result, I was going to pay $3.99 per gallon for gasoline. This anger me as I was thinking, “Not only are the American people prey to the goverment high gasoline prices, we are also prey to our fellow American business owners.” I guess the expression on my face said it all. The cashier asked me with a smirked on her face “Are you frustrated?” I didn’t know I was in a therapy session, and remarked back “What do you think?” Then she said “I don’t get paid enough money to put up with customers like you.” I told her “Don’t worry, I don’t plan on coming back to this store, so I don’t have to put up with you either.” She asked me if I wanted to buy the gas or not. I thought about declining the purchase, but after looking at all the cars blocking my parked truck at the pump, I decided to buy the gas. My receipt said I purchased $50.00 worth of gasoline but the gasoline pump would only pump $48.00 worth of gas. The store pocketed the $2.00, but the receipt looks like I purchased $50.00 worth of gas. This is very deceiving when it comes to bookkeeping. After I left the store, I made a call to the store manager to complain about the rudeness of the cashier, and complain about the extra 10 cents profit to the store. Needless to say she could care less. What has happened to America? There is no respect for our fellow mankind. We are living in a society of greed, and everyone is out for themselves. I contacted the local newspaper about this store, and also waiting for a call back from our state Senate office. As I write this letter, I wonder If anyone is going to care what I have to say. If you grew up in America when America had compassion for his fellow mankind, respect, God, and good morals, you will understand the meaning behind this letter. The purpose behind this letter, is not looking for suing the company for financial gain.

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