Spoke to Suzan Felsing who told me that our timeshare is in great demand and that she is confident that she will sell it. Gave myself and my daughter a very convincing reason to allow them to sell our time share. We did research the fact that they are registered/licensed realtor. They are local to where my time share is at so we thought that we were in good hands. She had us pay a Real Estate Evaluation Report which is a very simple Appraisal of the time share. For two of our properties, it costed $545 and $250.00. Very expensive but she was so confident that this is what we need to get this sold. She was following up with us, really gave us tons of assurance that they will sell it. We just needed to pay this and the rest of their fees are when we sell the time share. She said that the rest of the fees will be paid by the buyer. So after we gave them the money, she said that she would be in touch. She was constantly calling us and following up PRIOR to giving her money. Once she had the money, it was me that had to continue following up. She would always answer our calls and give us hope that someone is very interested in our properties and that she will be in touch again. She never called. I kept up with her and called her once every few weeks untill she yelled and berated me for continuing to call her. I have not been in touch with her for 1.5 years now. I have never received a phone call since. She was suppposed to put it on her website and it was never listed. She finally said that she would put it on there but she didn’t. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY! THEY are a SCAM and RIP OFF! In my opinion her license should be revoked. I don’t understand how this is legal. We were shown by another Time Share sales company that All Realty Services gets NO hits on their website so I am not sure if they actually sell any time shares.

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