• 1456 Mt Herman Rd Murfreesboro, Tennessee U.S.A.

please dont buy from this company, unless you like to give free money to some foreign country. these people sold me some garbage. i bought an engine from these guys and it knocked as soon as i put it in. i called up there and asked for cameron, they said he was in back.i finally got a hold of him a week later, and he told me “just fix the rods”, like he didnt even know any thing about engines or what country he was in. if i knew they were going to send me a junk core for $800.00 hard earned american dollars, i would of just have got it rebuilt, now he says it is past warranty, when it took them 2 weeks to send it to me, it took me 1 week to put it in, and also $1000.00 labor for my mechanic, and then 1 more week to get a hold of him, they were dodging calls playing phone tag, then when i finally got a hold of them he said it is not under warranty. please do not buy from this company, they are crooked, they will sell you junk and steal your money, so unless you like donating money to some foreign country, please dont buy from them! Big d brewtown, WisconsinU.S.A.

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