Sara Marie Romanchuk – Cochrane, Alberta

My husband met this crazy woman when they were in their early 20s. Dated for a bit, but she was extremely clingy and needy. Life went on and he forgot ll about her until 2010 when she started messaging him over Facebook. He gave her a chance and they met up. At this time, he told her he had met someone he was going to be with indefintely (me) and left. She then starts emailing and texting him that he will never be happy without her as they are true soul mates and she would do ANYTHING for him. “Please come back I miss you sooo much. I miss talking to you hearing your voice I don’t know what to  believe in or think anymore without you.  Please come back we can get through all this you know that. I know you still love me you don’t come back after 12 years if you just like someone a little please can we just get past all this and talk please. I would still really like to take another chance at us please.” Fast forward to early this year. We have now been married happily for a few years. She messages me out of the blue and claims that my “husband” is her one and only true love and he belongs with her. “Girl tells boy that she still cares about him after all this time. He leaves again. What boy doesn’t know is a long time ago girl made a wish on a shooting star to be with boy forever so when boy came back girl was so ecstatic and floored. Boy couldn’t handle strong feelings from girl and threatened to call cops so it was no more”

She was blocked and reported. Here we are thinking she finally has gotten the hint to go away. She then creates another FB profile and starts joining groups that my husband is a part of. Posting things like she is raising money to give to him to help him restore his beloved Lincoln. I had had enough by now and message her back telling her to leave us alone (nothing threatening at all) and to move on. She then gets pissed off and messages my husband “I’m tired of who you marry messaging me why she can leave me the hell alone.” “I wouldve totally had sex with you and f**k you senseless and you would’ve forgot about her …” She then startes to degrade me and threaten if I ever message her again she will call the cops. Good luck with that. BEWARE this chick is off her damn rocker!!

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