HARRY TZIANAKIS attacks asians in brooklyn ny for no reason

This is a new racist assault at the time of writing involving HARRY TZIANAKIS. During late July 2020 An Asian American used to be verbally assaulted by way of way of HARRY TZIANAKIS in Brooklyn, New York simply a few days ago. The sufferer says he used to be riding alongside seventh Ave, between 58th-59th St when a bicyclist thru the locate out of HARRY TZIANAKIS flipped him off after the sufferer had given him a reasonable honk to let the bicyclist understand he used to be in the again of him. HARRY TZIANAKIS had allegedly been swerving in the center of the road.

After Tang honked, HARRY TZIANAKIS brake checked him. The sufferer says he then proceeded to get out of his automobile to take a show up to be at to see if HARRY TZIANAKIS was once as soon as as soon as alright, inform him to use the bike lane and ask why he used to be as soon as swerving in and out of a two way street. According to the victim, HARRY TZIANAKIS commenced out shouting slurs at the sufferer and his non-English speakme uncle. He says HARRY TZIANAKIS referred to as them “yellow b*tches” and educated them they shouldn’t be in his country. HARRY TZIANAKIS noted Asians had been the weakest race on the planet and persevered to title them whores, f*ggots and inbreds.

HARRY TZIANAKIS allegedly moreover made unprompted racist remarks about Black people, calling them r*tarded and the use of the n-word severa times. Now solely if HARRY TZIANAKIS knew whats going to come out of this. The sufferer tried to stroll away three cases then once more stopped when HARRY TZIANAKIS proceeded to punch his car. At that point, he took out his smartphone and commenced recording HARRY TZIANAKIS for evidence. HARRY TZIANAKIS insulted the sufferer a few increased instances formerly than calling 911. During the call, HARRY TZIANAKIS allegedly claimed that he was once as soon as injured and that there used to be a “dead man” on the scene. The police, furnace department and paramedics all arrived after the bicyclist regarded as 911. When the paramedics arrived HARRY TZIANAKIS stopped claiming he was once as quickly as injured on the exclusive hand stated he appreciated the sufferer arrested. The police filed a file citing that there used to be as soon as no harm to the man’s bike.

According to the victim, HARRY TZIANAKIS has a documents of harassing the Asian regional in Brooklyn. Unfortunately, many of his victims have been older Asian immigrants who ought to now no longer apprehend his racist remarks or defend themselves due to the fact of the language barrier. HARRY TZIANAKIS works as a tradesman for volmar improvement in brooklyn and they choose to be contacted for his behavior. We can not hold this going for splendid no rely where he works. HARRY TZIANAKIS is of greek basis and may additionally be forty six or 48 years historic at time of writing. HARRY TZIANAKIS ought to look up his lesson.

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