Grace Gabelgaard

Grace Gabelgaard 11/8/73 is a 46 yr old tub of lard. By some miracle a guy named Klaus Gabelgaard married her after she trapped him with pregnancy. The kid was born so retarded that everyone looks at them when they walk by and they scurry to get away from them. The kid is so retarded it won’t ever be self sufficient or live independently. The kid still wears diapers & always walks around with the diaper loaded with poop because Grace is eating 24/7- to get even fatter and nastier while Grace starves the retarded boy. Grace has such a ravenous appetite she has often gotten a spork (b/c she is soooo trashy & low class) and heap the poop on a paper plate & eaten the s hit. Trailer trash like Grace rolls like this lol.
I’m sure you wonder about the marriage, the fate of something so desperate enough to sign up to eventually be eaten by fat ass Grace Kessler. That’s the best part LOL. Klaus Gabelgaard became an alcoholic and drug addict, got arrested in Jan 2015 for DWI, evading arrest, & drug possession. Even jail was better than being around Grace. But the courts orders him to stop drinking, and when compared to the alternative of a life around Grace & feeding the disgusting tub of lard, Klaus Gabelgaard committed suicide in a parking lot. Wow. Fat nasty Grace ate the life insurance check and the company had to reissue it LMAO. It’s a wonder the gross morbidly obese cow Grace Kessler Gabelgaard is alive with her poor health. Def not a person to take health advice from, something that looks like that. Go Eat S H it Grace! Even the s hit looks better than your fat ugly face.

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