Glenn Wesley – New Jersey

This has been my experience with Glenn Wesley Ratcliffe of Wayne, NJ has been over 10 years of lying and cheating on me. I have caught him on countless dating sites such as Zoosk,, POF (plenty of fish) and a host of other online dating sites. In my opinon, this man isn’t capable of having true emotions for a woman and illustrates narcissistic behavior. I have found multiple text messages from other women he has been cheating on me with. On Christmas Eve, I went up to bed while he stayed downstairs supposedly watching t.v. late.

Well, the next morning I went downstairs to see on his cell phone him having simultaneously text conversations with women he obviously met online. One who’s name is Eunice whom he lied and told her the reason he didn’t answer her calls was he fell asleep. The other woman who had text him was in my opinion is trash name Lizzette who he cheated on me with her in the past. I was shocked about seeing how calculating he is in manipulating woman simultaneously on the phone. This occurs the day before we talked about his problem with being faithful as well as promising to be a better man in our relationship. This illustrates his ability to fake his emotions and intensions in a relationship. After he taken me back home once our several days together up til Christmas day was done, he drove me to mom’s house. Glenn gave me cash as a holiday gift. He spent time with her and seemed so caring and I felt this is finally the year he is being a better man in our relationship.

Not so fast, when I asked what he plans for our New Year’s Eve celebration, he gaslighted me with a lie about going upstate to see his daughter. I told him don’t manipulate the fact you claimed to have plans for us on NYRs. I also called him out on lying about going to visit his daughter in NY.

Immediately, he tried to deny being in love with me and professing he loves being in a relationship with me. Glenn went into extreme manipulation mode saying he told me that he never wanted to be with me and I refused to listen. This act of his was pure evil and obviously planned in advance. In my opinion, Glenn’s evil act towards me illustrates the behavior of a narcissist. To knowing give reassurance of being in love with me, and tell me how beautiful I am everyday, it is a sick minded move to suddenly text denying any love or relationship involvement. I truly believe he was in the company of the other woman while texting me. Glenn had did such an act in the past when he cheated with Lizzette on me. He let her see his text message to me that was denial of us being in a relationship. Well, this is the final act of me ever taking Glenn back after promising to change his manipulative and vendictive behavior. He fooled me with portraying being a faithful and hardworking partner. I should have stayed being single and enjoying the company of other men who are truly respectful and serious in developing a meaningful relationship.

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