I am so upset now I cant even right this! My husband gave this guy money claim he was a church going man. Started out good we gave him 3500.00 to buy and fix some car gave us 4000 back. Well Chris said he had a great deal but he could afford it on his own. He claimed that half of the profits would go to his church which was a bold face lie. He told my husband he wanted to buy a few cars at auction told him he was hi low auto sale wholesaler which who knows if that was true. Anyhow he had my husband take out our whole checking account and half of our savings totaling 21,140 claiming he was going to turn a huge profit that would benifit everyone well that was 2 months ago and nothing. He wont answer are calls, we are devistated, herad from several complaints that he was a heavy gambler and occasional prostatution. So horrible! I cant believe this is happening to our family! Well I hired a attorney who said this guys was bad bad news he showed me everything posted court case etc. Its a wonder god has not sent him to hell yet. Thats probably the best this that could happen to him. One man from Virgina which he scammed I invited to our church because he told my husband that if Chris did not pay him he was unstable because of the situation that Chris put him in and was un sure if he would beable to control his bad thoughts! This guy is putting his kids and who knows who else at risk. I talked to several people in the same boat some worse one gentleman gave him his morgage payment for the month because Chris said he would have it back in two weeks well never did now 5 months later the guy is still behind on his house. . .the list goes on and on . . . I hope people at least do there research first before dealing with Chirs or anyone he associates with!

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