I had an ad pop up on my laptop saying that I won a free Amazon Card. Well, when I clicked on it, the Amazon cards were not available, but there were a couple other ads. One was for this Day/Night Cream. All I had to do was pay shipping. All it asked me for was my Shipping information and then of course my credit card information for the shipping. It then offered a wrinkle repair for a very cheap price plus shipping, so I added it on also. Never did I see a disclaimer. Just because I clicked yes I want it doesn’t mean I saw any agreement, which is what the person said when I called and complained about the $129.99 and 99.99 charges to my checking account. I had NO idea that there was a trial period until I called. The person I talked to said they would cancel my subscription from today on….what subscription. I did not sign up for a monthly subscription. She offered me 2 different discounted rates for the monthly subscription, but would not refund the unapproved charges. She did not give me an opportunity to return the product or get a refund. She just read a statement to me and hung up on me. YES, the customer service rep hung up on me. I can not afford these charges and now I am being stuck with them for something that I was told up front was free. Has anyone else had luck with getting their money refunded? There are more details, I think, but I am too upset right now to remember them and type. I got scammed, big time.

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