• 110 South Ave Garwood, New Jersey U.S.A.

Cartek Perfomance Engineering or located in Garwood NJ scamed me by charging me for certain name brand parts and installing cheaper lower grade parts. I have a bill of sale with all itemized parts named on the bill with prices. The high dollar engine build cost me $26,000.00 and was backed by a 2 year 24 month warranty. This was for a 2006 Corvette Z06. When I had a problem with the oil pressure 1 month later they gave me a song and a dance about how they will warranty the motor out of the goodness of there heart because legally they don’t have to because they are now operating under a different name. What kind of BS is that? They are the same people who took my money 1 month prior. They give me the car back 2 months later and it seems fine but not that powerful. So, I get another shop to check it out and the dyno numbers come up 50 rear wheel horse power less than they claimed. When I called Max the owner of the shop, he claimed that the other shop was tricking me to get money from me…. So I took the car to another shop for independent verification and that shops dyno also came up with less hp than Cartek claimed on my dyno sheet. Unhappy with the performance and unhappy with Cartek I decided not to go back there.. Here’s where it gets bad…. 2 months later….I had a problem with the lifters making noise so I had the Vette Doctors in Amityville Long Island inspect it. It turns out that some of the parts they claimed were in the engine, like Morel Lifters and 4.130 Pistons WERE NOT THERE and I have video to prove it! I called them with this disturbing news, and I expected to be reimbursed for the parts that I paid for that were not there… There answer was” we are a different company now and we don’t have to”.. I asked where the parts I paid for were? Max responded,” We re-built your engine with comparable parts.” WHAT? COMPARABLE PARTS??? DID I PAY WITH COMPARABLE MONEY?? Stay away from this shop if you own a corvette or a camaro or any LS based engine… They tried to con me big time. Video William Middle Village, New YorkU.S.A.

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