• 2200 E. Tulare Tulare, California U.S.A.

I needed new tires on my pick-up and had just started shoping for new ones. I stopped at Carroll”s because I frequently pass by their shop. The tattoed manager showed me some tires and quoted a price. Four tires mounted, balanced, best tire mounted on spare. So far so good. They mounted the set of tires in a reasonable amount of time while I waited. Brought my keys and collected my cash. Manager Mike assured me “ready to go” The next day I was getting ready to wash it and noticed the “USED” tire weights they balanced my new tires with were coming off. Oh Oh, better check the spare. My Good Bridgestone tire hadn’t been rotated to my spare. I immediately went back to their store and complained. They found my good Bridgestone tire in their “used tires for sale” rack. Mr. Sleep Deprived manager was very appologetic and rebalanced four tires and mounted the spare as should have been. Back home to wash the veichle and immediately noticed what looked like loose lug nuts. Back to Tulare…What it turned out to be was mismatched lug nuts. Manager Tattoo insisted that they were mismatched when I came in… You can believe me when I say I have washed those wheels enough times that I would noticed those odd lug nuts. He offered to make it right withn a couple of chrome goodies, still mismatched. My reply “NO THANKS-GOOD BY” My questions are: 1. why such a botched job on a set of tires 2. why did they use “used” wheel weights 3. why did they have my spare tire for sale 4. why did I have to pay a disposal fee for “my” spare tire they had for sale 5. dose the computer really print out “RECOMMENDED ALIGNMENT-CUST. REFUSED” on the invoice automaticaly Would any of you take your veichle back to them for a free rotation and balance every 5000 miles????? Not me boy. I have “0” confidence in Carroll”s Tire Warehouse. When it comes time, I’ll go to a real, honest, tire store. John lindsay, CaliforniaU.S.A.

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