• 69 Albert Street Plattsville, Ontario United States
  • Scam

First of all, just to give everyone the comfort that this is a geniun case, “google” Scott Piggott and you will see that this is not his first case cheating on people. All of you people out there, be aware and do not conduct any business deal with Canada Hay and Forage CHF (69 Albert St. W, Plattsville, ONTARIO N0J 1S0)and specially Scott Piggott or Polly Cushing. Scott Piggott is fraudulent person and do not trust him or the companies he is associated with at all. Scott Piggott and his companies are Scams and he is expert in manipulation. He has stolen an advanced payment for hay shipment and kept promising to send the shipment for 3 months and we never received anything. He is an expert liar and fake. He will give false promises left and right with endless excuses just to buy time, and when he runs out of excuses, he will keep quiet and not answer you. Be aware business people, Scott Piggott is now closing down Canada Hay and Forage CHF and opening a new company. So, be aware and do not fall for his traps. Do not deal with Scott Piggott or anyone or companies associated with him. I also encourage all who have such experience with Scott Piggott or Polly Cushing to report it on line to help others not to fall in such Traps. These kind of people should not have a place in the business world and everyone of us, business people, have a duty to report them to prevent further damages to others. I now have reported him and his company to the Royal Canadian Mounted Policea . I will never give up my right until he returns the funds he stolen with no legitimate right. Almost a year later, I have not given up from demanding my stolen money. But believe it or not, this Scam artist (Scott Piggott) is still making his fake excuses and promising to pay. I am glad that due to my posted complained that many people already benifted and they were alerted early before making any business deal with him or his company. Always be aware from getting trapped in this way. Always google new people or companies before dealing with them. And for Mr. Scott Piggot : “you can enjoy the stolen money, but I will never give up alerting people of your lies and scams.”

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