• 2555 Brice Rd. Reynoldsburg, Ohio U.S.A.

I was in a car accide about a month ago and I needed to find a place to have my car repaired. This was my first car accident and I didn’t know how the insurance company worked since the accident wasn’t my fault. I got a call from a few repair shops and finally decided to go with Buckeye Collision. I finally got my car back about two weeks later. When I went to pick up my car, I noticed that my glove department was broken. I went into the repair shop and asked what was wrong with my glove department. He finally came clean and said that some people had broken into some of the cars at the shop. First of all, I wasn’t informed of theis on the phone when I talked to them and I wasn’t informed when I showed up in the shop. I think that Buckeye Collision should have informed me of this and not let me find it myself. None of my windows were broken into ao I’m guessing that Buckeye Collision left the doors unlocked. A few days later my car started to overheat. I popped up the hood and found a screwdriver in the hood. I find it very odd that my car starts overheating right after it’s in the repair shop. My car was running fine until the accident happened and Buckeye Collision had their hands on it. I want everyone to be aware that Buckeye Collision is not a honest company. Do not take your vechile there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Michelle Columbus, OhioU.S.A.

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