I ordered my product from BladeZscooters during the month of July. The cable part that goes with my engine motor bike that I ordered was not the right size so I sent it back telling them that the size was incorrect. They emailed me back telling me to send it back to them and they will send me the right one. Totally fine then. But… after waiting few weeks (now August) the product hasn’t came yet. I emailed them back asking where my product is and they tell me that they still do not have the motor accelerator cable in hand and tell me to wait another week. I wait for another week or so and they still do not send it to me(now September). I kept emailing them and asking if they are going to send it and they stopped responding to me.(now October) So I got very upset and called them five times and finally the sixth time they answer. The guy over the phone was very very rude and full of himself. He had an attitude and seemed to get annoyed whenever I asked him a question. I usually do not get mad or ever write service/company report but this is my first time experiencing this kind of treatment. I paid almost nine bucks for express shipping for return and paid good amount of money for the cable that my motor bike needs. I believe they should not sell parts for the bikes if they can’t handle a simple exchange, they need to learn how to be a professional and teach employees how to treat their customers. Go back to college and learn some manners or hire someone who is devoted to your company!BladeZscooter company is ridiculous, I would never ever buy from them again! To all customers: Do not buy parts from BladeZscooter. I had a horrible and time-consuming experience with this company.

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